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About Us


Welcome to the Monster 3X Family.

Monster 3X Concept Lures manufactures the strongest, toughest and most resistant soft plastic lures in today's market.  We believe that soft plastic lures are the most effective way to catch all types of fish in fresh and salt water and Monster 3X stands alone when it come to strength, durability and toughness. 



Monster 3X are manufactured in Brazil and this is our story....


We fish the northern coast of Brazil and in the Amazon basin.  Our choice of baits have always been soft plastic lures - nothing beats its texture and movements in the water. We were importing many different brands of soft plastics from the USA but none would hold up. We were going through buckets of soft plastics per day and countless bags of baits, catching lots of fish but spending a lot of money. That is when we decided to develop our own plastic.


Monster 3X has developed and patented a special plastic that is extremely flexible, yet soft to the touch. This bait is so durable that you can catch multiple fish with the same lure - some anglers boast catching up to 30 fish with one lure! Even pesky bait fish like pin fish, snapper and even the puffer fish have a difficult time tearing them. You can stretch one of our baits the length of your arm without it breaking - go on, we dare you!


Our first model was the Ultrasoft shrimp. This model is our strongest bait and the cornerstone of our company. It has a solid body construction and is virtually unbreakable. From there, we designed the X-Move shrimp which features a segmented tail for more action. Today, we have 13 different models to choose from including Shrimps, Frogs, Swim Baits, Jerkbaits and Curly Tails - all constructed with the same Monster 3X plastic. 


Monster 3X is now changing the game in tournament fishing. Our baits are on the tournament circle and winning top finishes. It goes without saying that the more time you spend fishing, the more fish your going to catch. With Monster 3X, you have no down time in changing baits or re-adjusting them on your hook.  


We hope you'll try us out and see for yourself that it only takes one bait, fish after fish!


Thank you for visiting and tight lines!


monster3X products

X-move 3 3/4"
X-move 4 3/4"
X-swim 3 3/4"
X-swim 4 3/4"
Slimshad 2 3/4"
Slimshad 3 3/4"

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